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Ethical Wills

An Ethical Will reflects the "voice of the heart." Think of it as a love letter to your family. Every ethical will is as unique as the person writing it. They can mean more than any material possession you might bequest in your legal will. A living will is also important; it ensures that relatives and doctors understand your medical treatment choices and preferences.
There are common themes that run through many of them. Older ethical wills contained burial instructions, blessings and personal and spiritual values.

Review of Elder Law - Burial Space Items and Medical Assistance

Burial Space Items are funded funeral policies that can be useful tools to assist in qualifying for Medical Assistance, and can also be great gifts for your loved ones. Burial Space Items include: Cemetery spaces, Urns, Vaults, Crypts, Caskets, Headstones, Grave Opening and Closing and Perpetual Care. Burial Space Items can be purchased for certain family members. The qualified family members include: spouses, parents, children and their spouses, siblings and their spouses, step-children and their spouses, and persons related by adoption.