Criminal Law

Jones Law Office handles all areas of Criminal Law including: assaults, felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations, DWI and DUI, controlled substance, thefts, order for protection, criminal sexual conduct, and more. Please contact us to arrange your consultation.

Did You Know…

  • If you are pulled over by the police under suspicion of DWI you have given your implied consent to submit to certain sobriety tests when you are issued a driver’s license.
  • If you refuse to submit to the official alcohol concentration test by breath, blood or urine, you will be subject to a license revocation for one year and may still be charged with DWI.
  • You can be guilty of DWI even if your test results are under .08
  • A petty misdemeanor is not a “crime” because you cannot go to jail for this type of offense.
  • Any portion of a fine, surcharge, court cost, restitution, or fee that you fail to pay by the due date may be referred for collection, and collection costs may be added to the amount due.
  • Payment of a fine in lieu of going to court constitutes a plea of guilty and waiver of rights that will result in the entry of a conviction on all charges in the case.
  • Convictions for certain offenses will be sent to the Department of Public Safety for entry on your driving record, or to the Department of Natural Resources, and may result in the loss of your license by those agencies.